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    假设你是School Kids Times杂志的编辑,你收到了一封读者来信。在信中,一名叫Helen的读者向你诉说了她的.烦恼。请你针对她的问题谈谈你的看法,给她提几点建议。

    Dear editor,

    My problem is my parents. All of my classmates have mobile phones. They phone each other, surf the Internet and play games. I’m always asking my parents fo one. But they refuse, time and time again. None of my friends have such terrible parents. I’m so angry that I can’t study hard. Do you think I’m right? What shall I do?


    Hi Helen,

    I don’t think you’re right. Students should pay attention to their study. Mobile phones are not always necessary. They’re not like books and pens. You should understand your parents and do what they ask.

    Now public phones booths can be found everywhere. If you have to make a phone call, you may use them. You’d better have a talk with your parents and tell them you don’t want one any more. Work hard on your lessons and read more interesting books. You may also talk about your problem with your teachers and friends. I’m sure they’ll help you. If you have more questions, please ask me.

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