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  • 九年级英语日记
    发布时间:2020-09-15 09:58


    I’m going to the sun on my holiday. I will go there by a spaceship. I will take a big blue spaceship. Then I’ll pilot the spaceship to the sun. The sun is very hot. So I put on the super-shirt. In the morning, I will have some sun burger for my breakfast.


    At eight o’clock, I will play with my friends there. They are super dog and super girl. Super dog is white and black. Super girl is very clever. Super girl and super dog like to play with me. So I play with them for forty minutes. Then I do my homework in my little red room on a small blue table. After my home work, I will have my lunch. I will eat sun salad. I will make some red toy bear to the sun babies. I will have red juice, red fish and red rice. All the things are red. Then I need a lot of water on the sun because the sun is too hot. So I will walk to the spaceship. I’ll pilot the spaceship to the earth.


    This is a good holiday on the sun.


    My home town is a beautiful place. It stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice.


    But in the old days it was a poor and backward little town. Many people had no work. They lived a hard life.


    In 1949 my hometown was liberated. Since then great changes have taken place there. The streets have been widened. Factories, schools, hospitals, cinemas and theatres have sprung up one after another. The life of the people is greatly improved.


    I love my hometown. All the more I love its people. They are working hard so as to make it still richer and more beautiful.


    Mr. Lee is my English teacher, and is thirty. He likes sports very much, so he looks strong and young. He is fond of singing too. When we feel tired in the class, he will teach us some English songs. Sometimes he tells us some funny stories. He often encourages us to speak and write in English. Although we may make mistakes now and then, he always corrects them patiently and tells us how to write properly. He is really a good teacher. We all love him and his class.


    In xiamen there is a park. It’s a big and beautiful park. It has two gates. They are the north gate and the west gate. Many people park their bikes in front of the gates.


    There is a shop at the north gate. When you go into the park through the north gate, you will find a large square on your right and you will see lots of trees and flowers around you. In the west of the park, there is a playground.


    Sometimes some children fly kites on it and some people sit on the grass and chat. In the middle of the park, there is a lake. there are many boats on it. There is a hill in the east of the park.


    The park is very beautiful. I love it very much. Will you come to visit it some day?


    Li Hua is my goodfriend. We are classmates. He is tallest in our class. He is very kind andalways ready to help others. We have many in common, so that we have manythings to talk. For example, we both like playing basketball and we like thesame basketball playerKobe.Besides, we both like cartoon very much. We always watch cartoon programtogether. At weekends, weplay basketball often. The more important, he studieshard. So do I. We can make progress together. He is a good friend.


    I have rested for a week。I began to feel bored。So I went out with my friends。They are my best friends in the middle school。We didn‘t go to someplace special。We just saw the other。We had lunch together。While we were having lunch, we were still talking about the new school and new friends。 A year later,we have grown riper。And we learned much more things and got new life。We haven‘t enough time to play,to waste and to lose the way。

    We only have two years。Two years to go,we will get the real life which belongs to us。九年级英语日记7

    And they often go back home to celebrate the festival with their family.The first day of the new year is the time when people visit their friends adn wish each other good luck in the new year. This Morning I and Li Hua take our baggage to our car, and we drived it. After a while we reached the mountain. There,the sunshine was very warm,and the air in the forest was very clean. There had a lot of different flowers,trees,birds and so on. In the noon we had a picnic on the grass,after that we lay down on the grass and bathed in the sunshine. In the afternoon we ended the wonderful trip ,and we went our home at last. What a great day we have spend,and I think I have learnt a lot of things. What's more ,my feriendship became more better.






    I do not know the reason why some people want to get up late. They will never have the opportunity to enjoy (of enjoying) the fresh air and calmness of the morning. This is indeed a quite regrettable thing.To rise early is a good habit (which) we should cultivate. Why? Because the best time when we can pursue our studies is in the morning. In addition, early rising is also good to our health. I hope that everybody our knows the reason why we must rise early.


    If you want to ask me why we should study English, my answer will be simple and clear。 Now let me enumerate the reasons one by one in the following。In the first place, English has become an international language。 If you know English, you van make a trip round the world without being misunderstood。In the second place, most valuable books, newspapers and magazines are written in English。 If you wish (hope) to get knowledge, you must learn English。

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